When the first Lockdown started back in March we set up a WattsApp Group so we could keep in touch. Over the months we have seen each other a few times when the restrictions allowed.

A few of us met at Titchfield Haven. The weather was fine and we enjoyed chatting as we walked between the hides and the birds showed us that whatever was going on in the human world made no difference to them. While our knowledge is limited (speaking for myself!) we were lucky in that two of the volunteer wardens were also out and about so were able to identify some of the species we didn’t know.

Two of us also met one day to walk out to Hurst Castle to see if we could spot any migrating birds. We weren’t successful in that, but again the walk in the sunshine with good company did us good.

The WattsApp Group has been busy in fits and starts as we share photographs and information about the species visiting our bird tables. We’ve also shared recordings of the birds in our gardens because one of our members is a genius at identifying it.

So even though it has been impossible for a group like ours to operate as it used to last year, we have managed to keep in touch, keep our interest alive and with any luck when our lives become something like they used to be, we will be able to pick up where we left off. How I hope we can!

Jane Penn-Barwell