Winchester U3A, like all U3As, is run entirely by volunteers.

A management committee meets every couple of months to oversee the organisation of the branch, including its finances. It operates under a constitution which is ratified by the entire membership. Committee members normally serve for three years, and we are always looking for U3A members who would like to join the committee and thus put something back to the Membership.

Any member may raise issues with the secretary, to be discussed at the next committee meeting.

The current committee is listed below. The 'email' link allows you to send an email directly to the committee member.


Chairman Bob Shemilt
email Job Desc
Vice-chair Freda Bates  
email Job Desc
Secretary David Boddy    email Job Desc
Membership Marion Schiesser email Job Desc
Vernon Tottle   email Job Desc
Groups John Craig email Job Desc
Newsletter Sheila Ayling/Judy Smith   email Job Desc
Speakers Secretary Nick Vernon email Job Desc
Website Barrie Brinkman   email Job Desc


Other roles reporting to the main Committee are:-

 Archives Freda Bates
Regional Liaison