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The Group Co-ordinator is Julia Whitburn at 01962 881699 or email


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As our group meetings are held in many different venues, often individual members’ homes, please check with the leader of the group you are interested in about accessibility.



The minutes of the Group Leaders meeting on 3rd May are now available. It is important that all Group Leaders read the minutes whether they went to the meeting or not. There is important information on the implementation of GDPR the new privacy regulations. A simple consent form for use by Group Leaders is also available




On Thursday 22 November Winchester U3A has arranged a group leaders meeting for 2:00pm. Rather than inviting all group leaders, however, we should like to focus on those with spaces in their groups for new members. We shall encourage U3A members – especially those recently joined – who are interested in joining particular groups to attend on the same afternoon, so that, hopefully, we can match people with spaces in groups.

I don’t think it is particularly helpful to invite group leaders if their groups are already full, as this only leads to disappointment.

Could you please let me know if you are able to attend? e-mail: ) It would also be helpful to have an update of the number of spaces available in your group.

This will enable us to produce a list of groups, group leaders and numbers of available spaces, and also to provide a small table for your particular group! If the group leader is unable to attend, we would be very happy for another member of the group to be the representative.

I know that a few groups will inevitably be meeting on that afternoon and thus will be unable to attend; you will understand that this is impossible to avoid.


Please read the above and come along to the meeting on Thursday 22 November. We will do our best to help you to find a group you would like to join. If a group you are interested in is not there, we will follow it up.

Julia Whitburn
Groups Leader Secretary





Winchester allotment group are in need of some gardening equipment and thought that members of Winchester U3A may have some that they are willing to donate.

The equipment we need is:-

Small (border/women's) garden forks
1 Wheelbarrow

Elaine Curtis will be happy to pick up any offers from the Winchester area. Please email her. contact details

Elaine Curtis.




The Railway Group continues to defy all expectations – we have just welcomed our 40th Member!

A wide range of interesting activities await us during 2018 – the highlight being a tour of the West Country in June. We plan a return journey on the West Somerset line – the longest Heritage Railway in the UK. We are also planning to visit the Lynton & Barnstaple narrow gauge railway, travelling the section now reopened from Woody Bay Station – at almost 1000 feet the highest station in Southern England. This line was the only narrow gauge railway operated by the old Southern Railway and closed in 1935. We shall travel in ancient restored coaches pulled by rebuilt replicas of the original engines.

Dale Greenwood.




Introduction: Whilst the leader comes from a Christian background with a PhD in Theology and Art history, the group has a broad background. Membership is around 12 members, but attendance is closer to six, so we are looking for new members. No expectation is made of your faith or education.

Meetings are held at 2.30 on the second Thursday of the month so there will meetings on Thursday 11th January and 8th February.

Past Programme: Over the past year we have discussed a variety of topics including:
Is life sacred?
Is there value in arranged marriages?
Why do Religions tend to become so fragmented?
What do I understand by “Life Everlasting”?

Programme for January to July 2018

 11 Jan  David Wilson  From Atheism to Christianity - Some Scientific Perspectives
 8 Feb  Miranda Pinch  The Middle East an  End Time Theoology
  8 Mar  Sheila Wilson  Do we know anything in Mathematics, Science or Theology?
 12 Apr  Veronica Gibbes  Are Religious Groups More Relevant than those who follow a Life Alone in Pursuit of their own Religious Fulfilment
 10 May  Reg Simmonds  How do you Envisage the Promised 'Second Coming'
 14 Jun  Keith Anderson  Prayer - Am I Talking to Myself?
 12 Jul    To be arranged
  Aug    No meeting


Venue: We meet at the Alresford Recreation Centre (ARC), which is on the left of The Avenue, Alresford, as you enter the town, opposite Perins School, Sports Club.

Transport: There is a car park at the Centre. For those travelling by bus, Alresford is served by two bus routes from Winchester, 64 & 67. The stop in Alresford closest to the ARC is Perins School.

Cost: There is a small cost of around £2 to pay for the room at the Centre.

More Information: Please contact Keith by email or telephone contact details.




Dear Members

The GET WELL will be known as the HEALTH AND WELLBEING group in future.

We have had a rather long break for several reasons, but will be re-convening on FRIDAY 13TH OCTOBER, for our first meeting after the summer. We meet monthly on the second Friday of each month from 10.30-12.30 at 30 HANOVER LODGE, 37A St Cross Rd. Winchester. Blue Star no 1 bus, or Stagecoach no 1 bus from Terminal or Sainsbury’s in town.

Parking can sometimes be available, but not guaranteed as it’s a block of flats and parking is on a ‘first come’ basis for both residents and guests.

Our group was formed to help those whose health could improve with a change in lifestyle, including diet, supplements to boost good health etc and related topics. We don’t have a ‘general moan’ about our personal condition or want to exchange illnesses with others! We concentrate on learning how to achieve good health without reverting to mainstream medicine. Not always possible, but certainly achievable in some cases. My qualifications are training as a Natural Therapies consultant, and Nutritional Therapist.

All new members are very welcome, so if you are interested please contact me, Chrissie Landale, contact details.