Meeting of Winchester U3A Group Leaders on Thursday 3 May at 2:30 pm at Littleton Millennium Hall


Freda Bates   Lianne Hill Chris Sharratt

 Lesley Archer (French A Level Conv 2)

 Denis Buckle (Quester 6)  Sue Walker (Gardens)
 Sue Greenway (Modern Novels 3, Walkers 1)  Ann Jones (Art Explorer)  Stuart Gaunt (Quester 10)
 Mary Writhrington (Art Appreciation)  Ann McBain (Mahjong 1, Knitting 1)  Rose Saunders (Chess)
 Jan Reynolds (Quester 3, Film Crit 2)  Alun Parry-Jones (Latin)  Vera Hogg (Allotment)
 Keith Taylor (Science 7 Tech 1)  Pam Underwood (Local History 4, Archit 3)   Jennifer Laute (German improvers)
 Rosie Slade (Wine Grp 1)  Jill Thomson (Cookery 2)  Maddie Attenborough (French - Ameliorez...)
 Dale Greenwood (Railways)  Francine Weller (pp Marjorie Patient) (French)  Angela Housden (Quester 9, Scrabble 1)
 Colin Chase (Cycling, Photography)  Roy Weller (German Conv 1)  Sue Garstone (ppValerie King - Quester 7)
 Tony Silcox (Painting, Piano)  Lorraine Combs (Music - Recorders 1)  Anne Wright (Mahjong 4)
 Enid Pollock (French Univ Level Lit)  Keith Anderson (Theology)  Juia Whitburn


1. Welcome and introductions

Freda Bates (Chairman) welcomed group leaders to the meeting and introduced herself, Lianne Hill (Membership Secretary), Chris Sharratt (Treasurer) and Julia Whitburn (Groups Secretary).

2. Apologies for absence had been received from the following group leaders: Gwen Rigby, Philip Davies, Jacquie Tucker, Jean Coveyduck, David Rycroft, Cathy Wallis, Veronica Shaw, Anne Bristow, Hugh Watson, Roger Warr, Norma Goodwin, Valerie King, Jane Stephens, Clive Howell, Robin Anderton, Cheryl Greenwood, Alison Henry, Chris Henry, Trevor Samphier, Barbara Anderson, Stephen Taylor, Angela Brayshaw, Diana Traill.

Apologies for absence had also been received from committee members: Roger Warr, Sylvia Leyton, Barrie Brinkman.

3. New requirements in relation to Data Protection

The new requirements for data protection will come into effect on 25 May 2018. In anticipation of this, Winchester U3A have made the following arrangements to obtain permission from all members to use their data to contact them.
• For new members joining Winchester U3A, consent will be obtained when they join.
• For existing members, a consent form has been designed, together with brief information about the need for it, and will be sent to all Winchester U3A members shortly. All members will need to complete it and return it, giving their permission, in order to be contacted in the future by Winchester U3A. For members with e-mail addresses, consent forms will be electronic and will be accessed from an email and the result recorded electronically. For members without e-mail addresses, their consent forms etc. will be posted out to them, for return by post. If members fail to return the forms, they will receive nothing further from U3A.
• Group leaders were asked to be vigilant in encouraging individual members of their groups to complete and return the forms to Winchester U3A as soon as possible.
• Group leaders were also asked to establish and maintain similar records in relation to their own group members. An example (which could be used or adapted for use by other groups) is available. It is important that all information is kept securely and destroyed when a member leaves a group.

4. Accessibility for those members with a disability

The importance of clarity of information regarding the accessibility of venues for group meetings was emphasised. While larger group meetings and the monthly meetings which take place in halls are likely to be accessible for those with a disability, smaller group meetings which take place in individual homes are less likely to be accessible. While some information regarding accessibility might be included in the resume for each group, it was felt that it would be best if individual group leaders were able to offer advice and information as to the accessibility or otherwise of their groups’ locations. Group leaders were reminded of the importance of submitting a resumé of their group which should be sent to Julia Whitburn. ()

5. Proposals for the August meeting

The August monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 August in Littleton Millennium Hall. Instead of a speaker, it was agreed that there should be a cream tea with fun activities such as a quiz and beetle drive. Other suggestions included having an exhibition of old photos of U3A, and providing some musical entertainment. Lorraine agreed to ask the Recorder group if they would provide a short musical contribution. It was also felt that although all members were welcome at the tea, it would provide an ideal opportunity to welcome new or recently joined members who should be particularly encouraged to attend.

6. Banking arrangements for groups

Chris Sharratt explained policy of the Third Age Trust which has changed recently. In summary:
• individual groups are discouraged from having their own bank accounts, and if they do, the name of the account should not include the name ‘U3A’
• Where money needs to be collected, this should preferably be done by one person who then pays the bills; inevitably there is an element of trust in this
• Any money paid in advance as a deposit for a particular event implies a commitment to that event. Any arrangements for refunds should be agreed in advance and on an ad hoc basis.
It was suggested that when groups are starting up and need to rent a hall, it would be helpful to have some advice on banking arrangements from U3A.

7. Arrangements for tea at monthly meetings

Members were reminded that if their group was responsible for providing tea at the end of a monthly meeting, they need to bring the necessary provisions and claim back the cost. Information about this will be included in the Newsletter next to the Tea Rota. Rose Saunders was thanked for continuing to do the tea rota, and suggested that anyone having difficulties could get in touch with her.

8. Any other concerns

Group leaders were reminded that when a member joins a group, they should inform the Membership Secretary (Lianne Hill – ) who will check that the new member joining the group is a member of Winchester U3A. If a member leaves a group, there is no need to inform anyone.

The meeting concluded at 3:45 p.m.

Julia Whitburn