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The Group Secretary is John Craig who is contactable at


This page shows those groups that are actively seeking new members. The full list of groups, which can be accessed through the Group News page, shows all groups that currently have vacancies



The Rubber Bridge Improvers Group has been meeting for some years on Monday mornings at Littleton Hall. The new members who have joined us during this time have contributed so much to our enjoyment of the sessions. During the pandemic, some members played together online, but the social benefits of meeting in person are undeniable. We share the fun and anticipation at what the next deal of cards will bring: “Surely, I will have all the aces this time”, then the laughter when it all goes wrong: ”Oh, why couldn’t I get over to that winner in the dummy hand? Sorry, partner!”


The next hand is always going to be better.


It is such a great game.


We now have spaces for new members and would welcome a wide range of abilities and experience. We are considering the possibility of a beginners’ table and have a tutor to advise us all on our bidding and play. So, if you have been learning recently, or played many years ago and want to refresh your memory, do come and join our group. You would be most welcome.

For further information please contact Judith Wade, contact details.

Carole Evans





Originally set up for men, the Group is currently seeking a few extra members.

We meet at 11 o’clock on the first Wednesday of each month for coffee, before cooking a two-course lunch together and then enjoying the fruits of our labours! The Host of the Month chooses the menu and supplies the ingredients some notes on preparation … and also the wine!! The whole operation usually takes about 3 hours from 11.00.

The Group operates on a rota basis but the rota is flexible so members can swap if necessary. Some interesting dishes have been created over the years. Conversation flows and the aim is always to have some fun.


If you are interested in joining us please contact Chris Scott, contact details.

Chris Scott





Our U3A Club has now (from mid March) restarted meeting at Badger Farm Community Centre. We are looking for new members who have some bridge experience, that is they are not beginners. Pre-prepared card decks and score sheets are all provided. Results are circulated.

We are a friendly club with new members warmly welcomed. We meet in the Whiteshute Room at the Centre. There is a kitchen (bring your own tea or coffee!) or there is Starbucks at the adjacent Sainsburys supermarket. There is plenty of free parking for our members in the Sainsbury car park.

The charge, to cover the cost of hiring the Room, varies depending on how many tables of players we have. Typically the charge is £2 per week.


If you are interested in joining us please contact Mike Slinn, contact details.

Mike Slinn





Whilst our monthly meetings are based at Littleton Hall, we enjoy outdoor activities. One such example is to walk-around a local town or village and photograph things that catch our eye. Hampshire has some lovely locations often with hidden interest. We plan a visit to Stockbridge this spring to explore the town and walks around that area, whilst of course finding time to visit the local hostelries, though perhaps not just for their photographic possibilities. What is particularly rewarding is that we all have a different eye for things, so there is great interest in seeing the variety of images that result.

Our monthly activities aim to challenge our photography across a varied range of subjects, for this spring into summer our topics include shadows, street photography, black & white, motion and many more which we subsequently review at our meetings. A full programme can be seen on our website here

The meeting second-half sessions are aimed at both educating and enthusing members through topics suggested and presented by members. Our February meeting discussed Astrophotography and how to take ‘stellar’ images using basic equipment and techniques. Next month we start a short series of talks spread over the year looking at photo-editing software for not only traditional editing methods but also to see how AI has impacted the way we edit images.

Since we have been able to reconvene our meetings at Littleton Hall, not everyone has been in a position to return or attend each meeting. Hence, we have maintained Zoom to run in parallel with the meeting. This works remarkably well with the Zoom attendees being able to see the meeting and the material as presented on the projector whilst we can see those participants and engage fully in conversation. It is likely that we will continue to do this for the next few months until we are fully out of the woods regarding Covid.

We currently have vacancies in the Photography Group. Interestingly, more and more of us are submitting images taken on our smartphones, so don’t feel that you have to be an ‘enthusiast’ with the latest camera gear, but if you like exploring places and ideas through images and want to know more about the subject, you are welcome to come along and see what we get up to. Our meetings are held at Littleton Hall, from 2pm to 4pm on the first Monday of every month.

Please contact Paul Haines, contact details.

Paul Haines




We are a friendly and enthusiastic group who are looking for new members. We meet on the second Friday of each month to visit a Gallery, Sculpture Park or anything else of interest that Members choose. At least once a year we arrange a long weekend away either in the UK or abroad, Covid permitting. We choose a city where there is plenty of Modern art to see and we share the organising.

If you are interested in joining us please contact Anna Diamond, contact details.

Anna Diamond




Having been out of action over the Covid period, the cycling group restarted on 11th February with a delightful and undemanding ride starting at Hatchet Pond, just west of Beaulieu and skirting the southern edge of the New Forest, retuning via Pilley, Norleywood and East Boldre - about 24 miles.


Deciding to forego the usual pub lunch, we lay on the Solent shore on a calm and sunny day with views stretching from the Needles to Egypt Point. In the photo the group (exc me) are admiring the ancient barn, originally the property of Beaulieu Abbey at St Leonards.


cycle groupCycle Group admiring ancient barn


Most of the current active members actually sport electric bikes so new members should not be put off if that is what they ride and they will be most welcome.

Roger Bridport contact details.

Roger Bridport




If you have an iPad, iPhone, MacBook or Mac computer you might like to know of our group, we meet once a month on a Tuesday morning to talk about a chosen subject and to share experiences to help one another. For the past months this has been on Zoom but we plan to revert to meetings in the Littleton Hall from late March.


As an example, this month we will talk about email junk or spam and how it’s controlled, different email providers and related things.


If you would like to consider trying out a meeting to see if it might interest you please get in touch by email or phone Nick Vernon, contact details.

Nick Vernon




This group was formed over two years ago by Alun Parry–Jones who unfortunately has had to retire because of ill health. The group would like to thank Alun for getting us started. We recall with pleasure his introduction to Latin grammar and his retellings of some of the great stories from classical literature.


During lockdown, we met by zoom but have resumed with face to face meetings in each others’ houses. We have five members but would welcome newcomers – we are currently about a third of the way through the Oxford Latin Course Book 2. If we reach the end of Book 3 we should be of GCSE “O” level standard. If you are interested in joining the group please contact Peter Eagling contact details.


We would also be pleased to hear from any u3a members who were former Classics teachers who would be able to give occasional online assistance if required? If so, please contact Peter Eagling contact details.


Peter Eagling





The rubber bridge group resumed on 10th January, when we welcomed a few newcomers.


It was soon evident that three hours playing bridge was too much after such a long layoff, and so we now meet from 2pm until 4pm on a Monday afternoon. We no longer offer tea.


This appears to suit most people and some good and not so good bridge hands are played. Please feel free to come and join us, we are a small but friendly group and could do with some more players. A £3 fee is charged to cover the cost of the hall.


Weeke Community Centre, Taplins Road, Weeke. Parking available and it's on the No. 3 bus route. Contact Mrs Pat Harris on contact details if you would like to join us or any further information.





The group have lost members during the pandemic (but not through COVID). Therefore we are seeking new members. We are a dynamic group who have recently returned to face to face meetings after the lockdowns. We use “Zeitgeist“ and its accompanying grammar exercises, books developed for AS level students. We also like to read books, discuss topics, translate and talk about everyday life.


We also on occasion link up via zoom with a Brit living in Berlin to learn new words, recently “Gassi gehen, - to walk the dog“, converse in German and be corrected.


If you are interested in speaking and learning German, do consider joining a friendly group twice monthly on Monday afternoons, please contact Judith Handbury contact details.

Judith Handbury





New Members Very Welcome


We meet on the first and third Tuesday afternoon of the month. Across the month we have one session of general conversation and one session with an agreed topic which each member selects in turn. During the pandemic period we met weekly on zoom, but over the summer we reverted to our previous pattern at holding meetings in each other’s houses.


We all have a good standard of German and enjoy expanding our use of the language, but we do not engage with formal grammar and we don’t read a book. The emphasis is informality, sharing ideas and experiences, and enjoying speaking. We have in the past had a native speaker, and latterly a near native speaker, but not at present.


We currently have around 7 members and would welcome one or perhaps two new members. Anyone interested is very welcome to contact me, Mark Brown contact details for a chat.


Mark Brown




We are a small friendly group of Francophiles, who enjoy French Literature and speaking French. We usually meet on the last Wednesday of each month from 2pm. Novels vary from Modern Day Literature to Famous French Classics depending on the selection made.


We try to keep our sessions light, and consider the amusing as well as the theme of the books chosen. If you have a sound knowledge of French and are interested, please contact Diane Sparkes contact details.




These last six months have been anxious for us all, although one small advantage for our group was of course, that we've had even more time to spend on our wonderfully absorbing classic novels.

These have included Jane Austen's "Persuasion", Muriel Sparks' "The Girls of Slender Means', George Orwell's "1984" and Somerset Maugham's "The Moon and Sixpence". All entirely different novels in theme and atmosphere, and all great reads.

We are currently reading one that will take us to the end of this year---that amazing epic tale of The American Civil War by Margaret Mitchell,"Gone with the Wind".

It's a book that gently whirls you about in a thrilling dramatic, romantic adventure which, although lengthy, is surprisingly easy on the powers of concentration.

It's the simplicity of the language that you wouldn't expect perhaps, but which makes it so difficult to put down, and such a pleasure to pick up again.

It's pure 'escapism' at its best...but then what good novel isn't?

Yes, you might find those MGM images of a grinning Clark Gable and a stunning Vivienne Leigh looking over your shoulder, but who cares? Who amongst us hasn't seen that film?

This is a 'must' for any serious reader who can appreciate these two multi-faceted characters, endlessly intriguing and annoying us, (often simultously) amidst events that shock, right up to those famous last words of Rhett Butler,.. and we all remember those, don't we?

Next year we'll be starting off with another longish read but nevertheless , one of the greatest literary creations of English Literature, Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities" which should last us through Christmas, (will we be able to have one, we must ask?) and probably to February 2021.

From there we haven't decided, so please join us and let's have your choice for novels written between 1845-1945.

Please don't think that the "classic novel" is 'difficult' to read....quite the opposite in fact.

They are 'classics' for a reason! They have 'endured' the reading fashions of the years and are still the 'best' of English authors' works.

Perhaps you were 'put off' by the pressure to get through school exams in Literature in the 'Classic novel'?

Now is the time to take it up again, with more mature eyes ,and you will no doubt find re-reading them, a totally new and enlightening experience.

Today's 'modern' novels will not be read by your grandchildren or great grandchildren because they'll be 'out of 'PC fashion' and therefore not be re-printed.

Classic novels will always be a part of our enduring English reading culture, because they represent us, our world, and our culture's heroes and heroines!

We have space for a couple more people,so please don't hesitate to join us.

We meet roughly on the last Wednesday of the month, but depending on the length of the novel, this is not 'set in concrete' of course!

Hope to meet you over ZOOM until we are able to meet as usual.

If you are new to Zoom , I'll be happy to 'tutor' you through the very simple process!

please e-mail or telephone me, Chrissie Landale contact details.

Best Wishes

Chrissie Landale





With a leader who’s hopeless at deadlines, our group hasn’t reported in the newsletter since the June 21 issue – a period of nine months. During that time we came off Zoom and had half a dozen meetings where we managed to gather in person and resume our tradition of always finishing with tea and cake. But in December, when the wretched virus had another resurgence, we were forced to switch back to Zoom.


Undoubtedly the highlight of the period was our October meeting when, for the first time in our group’s thirty-year history, we were joined by the author of our novel of the month, the wonderful Claire Fuller.


Since our group has a rule that our chosen novel must always be available in paperback, we hadn’t been able to read her latest novel, Unsettled Ground, which has subsequently gone on to win the Costa Novel Award 2021. Instead we read one of her earlier novels, Swimming Lessons – “A compelling portrait of a complicated, unconventional marriage, and of flawed humanity, with all its secrets, silences and deceits. Excellent” (Mail on Sunday).


Claire was charming, entertaining and informative, and gave generously of her time. We discussed the setting, plot and characters of the novel in some depth, which increased both our understanding and our appreciation. And she also taught us a great deal about how she writes her novels, the challenges of getting published and the satisfaction of becoming a full-time writer. All in all, a marvellous and memorable afternoon.


If you’d like to know more about Claire and her novels, you can visit her website at, where you can also sign up for her occasional newsletter.


Our group meets in the afternoon on the first Monday of each month. Currently we have vacancies. So if you think you might be interested in joining a friendly group where you’ll read and discuss a wide range of modern novels and perhaps be introduced to new authors, please contact our group leader: Vic Stenning contact details. Happy reading!



MOTO......Members On Their Own



Our monthly Coffee mornings at the Royal Winchester Hotel (3rd Thursday of each month @ 10.30am) are well supported now that the weather is better and “normal” life is slowly resuming. No need to book – just come along for a chat and maybe plan a future outing or visit.


6 members enjoyed a lovely walk in the Butterfly Reserve on a sunny day in early May, which ended at the Holiday Inn for refreshing drinks and lunch.


Butterfly ReserveButterfly Reserve


By the time you read this, a group will have been to Chesil Theatre to watch their latest production “Ladies in Retirement” and plans are afoot for a day trip to the IOW in the near future.


If you are on your own and would like to join MOTO please contact Sheila Ayling contact details




If anyone on their own would like to join MOTO please contact Sheila Ayling contact details






In addition to being Group Secretary I am also “Quester Leader”. Our Quester Groups are now beginning to organise visits to interesting places. Members take it in turn to investigate and organise visits to places, often not always accessible to individuals. This is not very time consuming but keeps the groups active. Several of our Quester Groups would welcome new members. Please contact one of the Group Leaders, or me, if you are interested in joining a group. John Craig contact details





Tony King is a Winchester U3A member and takes part in a collaborative U3A yachting group covering U3A members from across the South Hampshire. This Group is led by Judith Hankey. The Group has grown to now about 20 members.They would welcome other U3A members from Winchester U3A who are interested in yachting and might be interested in joining. A Report is available of their 2020 activities. Earlier Reports for 2018 activities and 2019 activities.

Tony King would be happy to share more information if you think there would be interest contact details



Mah Jong 4 "The Dragons"

Our weekly Mah Jong meetings have resumed at Easton Village Hall on Tuesday afternoons from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. Many of our regular players have returned and we have some new members as well. We were a little rusty and had forgotten some of the rules but now we are playing again with more confidence.


What is Mah Jong and how is it played?


Mah Jong is a tile-based game that was developed in the 19th century in China and has spread throughout the world since the early 20th century. It is commonly played by four players.


It bears some resemblance to the card game rummy. You draw and discard tiles and aim to complete a hand with playable sets. However, instead of a pack of 52 cards, Mah Jong is played with a set of 144 tiles. When you complete a winning hand, you call "Mah Jong!"


We are a friendly, fairly informal group. New members, including complete beginners, are welcome to join us. Please let me know if you are planning to attend as we have to ensure there is enough space to play safely. You do not need to have a Mah Jong set of your own as several members bring their sets.


Some members have brought sets that they were given as gifts years ago and have never used. So, it is an opportunity to unpack that set and play with it.


We are observing current Covid rules and members will be bringing their own refreshments. For everyone’s safety we would ask that you wear a mask if you can.


Please email Stella Kenny contact details if you would like to join us. .





An exciting and varied programme has been planned for 2022. Highlights include a visit to the London Transport Museum at Acton; an illustrated talk on The Isle of Man railways; a long awaited trip on the Bluebell Line; walks along the old railway line at Avon Causeway, Hurn and one of the disused lines on the Isle of Wight; and visits to the Swindon & Cricklade and Cholsey and Wallingford Heritage Railways. There are plenty of vacant seats on our train so welcome aboard to all new members!

The Railway Group is now running a full timetable once again!


We are looking forward in particular to the visit to the London Transport Museum in April and then the long awaited trip to the Bluebell Line in May.

Welcome aboard to all new passengers!


If you are interested contactDale Greenwood contact details



By the time this article appears in print the group will have enjoyed a wide range of activities with several more to follow shortly.


Following a series of interesting talks during the winter months, the arrival of warmer weather in May enabled us to enjoy a walk along the old railway track on the former Ringwood to Christchurch railway line which closed in 1935. This was effectively a private railway as local landowners only gave permission for it to be built [it opened in 1862] on condition they could board or alight from trains at intermediate halts as they wished! We assembled for our walk at the former station at Hurn [spelt “Herne” in the original timetables] - now a hotel on the Avon Causeway.


Rather grander and modern came our long awaited trip on the Bluebell Railway – which has always been at the forefront of the Railway Heritage movement.


Then in June we shall be returning to the Isle of Wight either to walk alongside the river Yar to follow the old railway towards Freshwater; or for those less energetically inclined a stroll to look at the old Yarmouth station.


Further Heritage Railway journeys are planned ahead.


Dale Greenwood






Our group, which was called the Theology Group, has widened its remit to explore what spirituality might mean for us in the twenty-first century.


The group meets in The Cricketers, Alresford, usually on the second Thursday in the month at 14.30. We are not charged for the use of the room, but the expectation is that individually, we will buy refreshments before the meeting starts. The venue is opposite the bus stop for the twice-hourly 64 bus from The Broadway, and has a large car park too. Any questions, please feel free to call me Chris Scott2 contact details


Chris Scott