Group Vacancies

The Group Secretary is Julia Whitburn who is contactable on 01962 881699 or at

This page shows those groups that are actively seeking new members. The full list of groups, which can be accessed through the Group News page, shows all groups that currently have vacancies



Exploring French Literature, a small, friendly group of French Speakers, is seeking new Members. We enjoy reading both Modern Day Literature and some of the well known French Classics, try to keep our sessions light-hearted and look at the amusing sides of a novel, as well as the underlying theme. Meetings are from 2pm on the last Tuesday in the month.

For more information please contact Diane Sparkes contact details.





Winchester U3A has ten Modern Novels groups and they are usually all full. I am pleased to say that at present there are vacancies for two new members in Modern Novels 6. This group choose and present books, which we all read and discuss. Meetings take place on the second Wednesday of the month in the morning. We currently have two vacancies.

Please get in touch for more details: Judy Smith contact details.




Tony King is a Winchester U3A member and takes part in a collaborative U3A yachting group covering U3A members from across the South Hampshire. This Group is led by Judith Hankey. The Group has grown to about 18 members.They would welcome other U3A members from Winchester U3A who are interested in yachting and might be interested in joining. A report is available of their 2018 activities.

Tony King would be happy to share more information if you think there would be interest contact details




We are a friendly group of 12 who meet at the Friends Meeting House in Colebrook Street in central Winchester in the afternoons of the second Thursday of each month. Some members have no scientific background and others have some expertise, a combination which works well. We choose a topic for each month and the discussion is usually set off by a presenter. Topics vary widely, from “What is electricity?” to “Gene Therapy”. We have occasional visits to sites of scientific interest, such as the Large Hadron Collider at Culham.

A couple more members would be welcome. For further information, please contact Roger Warr contact details




Do you own an iPad, Mac or MacBook? The Apple Mac Users’ group meets once a month: there's a presentation on a subject (for example Photos) and an open forum for the many and varied questions from our members. It’s very friendly and we welcome new as well as more experienced users. Come along and sample a session on the 4th Tuesday of the month, Littleton Hall, 10.00 - 12.00 or ring Nick 07714 768398.

A recent item has been written by a member of the Mac User Group




The Advanced French 2 is looking for 2 new members to join our very friendly group. We cover a variety of topics, something to interest everyone. Ideal for those having a sound French knowledge and who wish to converse in natural French. We are now changing our meeting day to the 2nd Monday in the month. For more information contact Diane Sparkes contact details.




History Group 2 has 2 vacancies. We are a very relaxed group studying world history. At the moment we are looking at the nineteenth century worldwide. We contribute whatever appeals to us as individuals and usually three people make a contribution so it’s not too onerous. We meet on the third Friday of the month from 2p.m. until 4p.m. at a member’s house. This is because that particular member has mobility problems. There are three steps up to the front door but there is a handrail and a ground floor loo. Come along and meet us to see if you’d like to become a member. There is always a cup of tea and a biscuit. Get in touch with me, Freda Bates group leader contact details



Mahjong 4 "The Dragons"


The Dragons meet every Tuesday in the Club Room at the splendid Easton Village Hall, Chapel Lane, Easton, Winchester, S021 1EN. We play Western Mahjong between 2.00pm and 5.00pm and, when warm enough, we take our tables of play outside onto the sheltered terrace. There is a sub of GBP2.50 which is to cover the cost of the hire of the hall with a choice of unlimited refreshments plus homemade cake.

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced player or simply curious if this is for you and want to know more, not just about the game but about us, please come along. If you have a Mahjong set bring that too.

Presently there is a membership of 16 players and we very much welcome new members. Especially important is that the facilities are excellent including for those of us who have disability.

Finally, in addition to our regular meetings throughout the year we hold what is described as “Extreme Mahjong” events. Over the last 18 months since we have become established we have had Mahjong in a Yurt in glorious countryside with afternoon tea, several pub lunches followed by Mahjong, and lunch and Mahjong in a garden centre. We have also held an extremely successful mid Summer Celebration at Easton Village Hall where a total of 40 members of Winchester U3A Mahjong Groups 1 and 2 including ourselves as hosts, celebrated with lunch, followed by Mahjong.

If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact me, Anne Wright contact details in the daytime. I look forward to hearing from you.




A new Board Games group has just had its second meeting. The intention is to play a range of games; so far these have included Carcassonne and German card games. Meetings are held in members’ houses at 2:00 on the second and fourth Tuesday afternoons. The group leader is Judith Handbury who can be contacted on contact details.




Art Today 2 is renaming itself to Art Explorers. We are small group, of around 10-12 members, who meet monthly for an outing to an art show. We take it in turns to chose and organise each visit, which usually starts with coffee! We range locally and , on occasions, further afield perhaps to London or Oxford. We would be delighted if one or two more members would like to join us. Please contact Ann Jones contact details.




We are changing the venue for our Chess club as we seem to be getting some interest from U3A members. So we have some spaces if people are interested in playing chess and want to come along and give us a try. The new venue is the Worthys Social and Sports Club SO23 7NJ between 2-4 pm on the third Tuesday of the month.
Please contact Rose Saunders contact details.




We meet between 2-4 pm on the 1st and 3rd Monday afternoons in the month in members houses.
We are currently reading and discussing plays from the 1970s.
We currently have a vacancy for one new member

Please contact Cheryl Greenwood contact details.




The U3A Allotment Group needs more members
Do you hanker to grow your own fruit, vegetables or salads, but haven’t the space? Or perhaps you no longer have the energy to look after a plot on your own? If so why not join the Allotment group.
Our plot is next to the railway line in Stanmore, Winchester and has been running for a several years, where we share the learning, the produce and the fun!
We grow soft fruits and rhubarb, the usual range of vegetables and a few flowers but like to experiment with new varieties. This year we have tried mini sweetcorn, inca berries, Jerusalem artichokes and Florence fennel.
Costs and produce are shared equally and in the autumn members discuss the plants to be grown the following year.
We try to avoid digging – but just a little is good for our health!

For more information please contact Vera Hogg contact details.




We are looking for new members to join the theatre group

We meet 3 times a year for coffee in a pub and look at the latest brochures from the local theatre houses and decide which performances we would like to go to.

Obviously not everyone wants to go to the same shows but if several want to go to the same show you meet up and have company.

THE GROUP IS NOT A BOX OFFICE and everyone at the meeting takes their turn in organising the tickets for the various performances.

If you are interested please contact me Pam Underwood contact details.




Science and Technology 2 which meets the second Monday of the month pm has 2 vacancies.

Please contact David Rycroft contact details.




Quester 3 has vacancies. The group visits places of interest some of which are only available to organised groups.

Please contact Jan Reynolds contact details.




Since one of our group has moved away, we would welcome a new face. We have all been learning Spanish for a few years, but are far from fluent. We follow a textbook, but also do some conversation, listening and translation. We have a facilitator who knows a little more than we do but we prove her wrong at least once a session. The Group meet every Thursday afternoon.

Please get in touch for more details: Ginny Allain contact details.




Ameliorez Votre Francais has two possible vacancies. They meet the 2nd and 4th Monday morning of each month. The level is somewhere between the old O level and the old A level standard but they emphasize their group is also about having fun while they work..

Please contact Trevor Samphier contact details.




Science and Technology Discussion Group 1 have two vacancies. They meet in one anothers houses on the second Wednesday of the month in the afternoon.

Please contact Keith Taylor contact details.




In Modern Novels Group 1 each member takes turns to choose and present a book, which we all read and discuss. This means that each member presents about one book a year. Meetings take place on the first Monday of the month in the afternoon,and are followed by tea and cake! We meet in each other's houses. We currently have two vacancies.

Please get in touch for more details: Marjorie Patient contact details.




Questers 10 are the latest Quester group and currently looking for new members. We will be going visits to all sorts of places, roughly monthly. The visits are chosen and arranged by members. We meet every three months to plan our future visits.

Please contact Elaine Curtis contact details




We would welcome new members to our clarinet playing group.We are of mixed ability and enjoy playing music together.Don't be afraid to come along and join in.

We are a friendly,informal gathering.

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 10 -12.00

If you would like to know more please contact Terrence Brayshaw contact details




The wider branch membership will, I am sure, understand the excitement of the members of the Railway Group on 9th September.
On this historic day - when the Queen became our longest ever serving Monarch – she not only opened officially the Borders Railway, but she rode with the Duke of Edinburgh on a special train hauled by a steam locomotive over the whole of the 31 mile journey from Waverley to Tweedbank.

It was perhaps fitting that the engine chosen for this historic journey was “Union of South Africa”, one of the famous class A4 streamlined Pacifics designed by Sir Nigel Gresley, and a sister engine to the immortal “Mallard”. Moreover the engine was one of a batch of 5 built specially in 1937 to be coupled with the “Coronation”, a luxury Pullman car express running daily between Kings Cross, Newcastle and Edinburgh Waverley, to mark the Coronation of the Queen’s father, King George VI.

The world wide TV audience will surely have marvelled at the slghts and sounds of the train departing from Platform 7 and in particular the haunting and unmistakeable sound of the Crosby chime whistle fitted to these engines. Generations of railway enthusiasts have thrilled to this sound now for over 70 years as it told them a “Streak”was approaching! It is difficult for younger people today to understand the excitement of the first glimpse of the wedge shaped front end in anticipation of the engine and its train roaring past – often at speeds well in excess of 100 mph – often accompanied by stentorian blasts on his whistle by the driver!

So come and join us on our journey in the Railway Group – and ladies please note – it is now official the Queen loves trains and especially steam trains!!

Please contact Dale Greenwood on contact details

Dale Greenwood