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Those who teach shall also learn. And those who learn shall also teach

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  • Are you retired or semi-retired?
  • Do you live in the Winchester area?
  • Do you wish to expand your knowledge or learn a new skill?
  • Would you like to discuss your interests or pass on your expertise to others?
  • Would you like to meet others in a social environment?

If so, Winchester U3A may have something to offer you AND you may have something to offer Winchester U3A. There is more information About Us

A video is available produced by the U3A National explaining how U3As work.

The website is an information source for members and the general public. Member information is available to all by using the Members option on the menu, and can also be accessed from “read more” links on this Home page. Certain information in the Member's Area, such as phone numbers, can only be accessed by Members using the single log-on password when the link asks for it. Please let us know if we can help you by contacting Barrie Brinkman

For any changes to membership - email/address, please forward to Lianne Hill


chairman December 2019

Dear friends

I have been struggling to write this letter, feeling as I was, overcome with gloom about the future of our wonderful organisation. We have had some brilliant talks since I last wrote to you and a hugely encouraging New Members meeting on the 14th November. The room was filled with enthusiastic Group Leaders and equally enthusiastic members, not all new, engaging in animated conversation. Just what the U3A is all about. However, as well as a welcome, I had to deliver the devastating news that unless someone came forward to continue production of our successful newsletter this would be the last. However, I am very pleased to tell you that Sheila Ayling and Judy Smith have agreed to take over from Roger Warr as joint Newsletter Editors. It is as if a huge load has lifted from my shoulders. To think that all the years of dedicated work should end when I am chairman was a very unhappy thought for me.

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The minutes of the Group Leaders Meeting held on 23rd May are now available.

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7th Feb - Grp 2
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12th Feb - Grp 1
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4th Mar - Grp 2
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23th Mar - Grp 2
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26th Mar - Grp 1
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23rd Apr - Grp 1
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