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  • Are you retired or semi-retired?
  • Do you live in the Winchester area?
  • Do you wish to expand your knowledge or learn a new skill?
  • Would you like to discuss your interests or pass on your expertise to others?
  • Would you like to meet others in a social environment?

If so, Winchester U3A may have something to offer you AND you may have something to offer Winchester U3A. There is more information About Us

A video is available produced by the U3A National explaining how U3As work.

The website is an information source for members and the general public. Member information is available to all by using the Members option on the menu, and can also be accessed from “read more” links on this Home page. Certain information in the Member's Area, such as phone numbers, can only be accessed by Members using the single log-on password when the link asks for it. Please let us know if we can help you by contacting Barrie Brinkman


chairman September 2018

Christmas seems to be rushing upon me with alarming speed! I’m sure you feel the same. Time appears to telescope as we approach the celebration of Christ’s birth with so many events to enjoy and opportunities for gift giving occupying our minds.

We are looking forward to our December monthly meeting with our fast becoming traditional quiz and celebratory mince pies and fruit cake. Last year we had a hall packed with members eagerly trying to decipher the dingbats and answer the questions fired at them. We are lucky to have again this time the recorder group performing to get us into the Christmas spirit. Since the last newsletter we have enjoyed some amazing talks. On November the 8th the various history groups were fascinated by Julie Adams research into a name on a local war memorial.

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secretary July 2018

There will be a Group Leaders meeting on the afternoon of Thursday 22 November at 2:30 in Littleton Millennium Hall. Group Leaders will have an opportunity to outline the activities of their groups and how they operate to members who are interested in joining. While it is appreciated that not all Group Leaders will be able to attend as a few groups will, inevitably, be meeting on that afternoon, we hope that especially Group Leaders with vacancies in their groups will be able to attend. Equally, it is hoped that members who have joined in the last twelve months or so will find this a useful opportunity to find out more about the delights of U3A and particularly what happens in different groups that they would like to join. All members of Winchester U3A are of course welcome to attend.

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4th Dec - am Grp 3
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6th Dec - 10.00 am Grp 1
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7th Dec - 10.00 am Grp 2
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16th Jan - 10.00 am Grp 1
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22nd Jan - 10.00 am Grp 2
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28th Feb - 10.00 am Grp 1
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13th Feb - 10.00 am Grp 2
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