General Monthly Meetings

These take place on the second Tuesday of each month in Littleton Village Hall. Doors are open from 2:00 and talks which are free of charge begin at 2:30. Talks usually last about an hour and are followed by tea and biscuits. All U3A members are most welcome.

Contact the speakers organiser, Nick Vernon, contact details, for further details.

The speaker is asked to start at 2.30 pm, but we love to see you, the audience, when the doors open at 2.00 pm, so that you have time to chat with your friends, meet new members. The talk usually lasts for around one hour with questions, and we then enjoy a cup of tea and biscuit before leaving at around 4.00 pm.

Not all members have cars or are able to drive, and the bus service does not fit in with our timings. Please help fellow members with their journey to the meetings where you can.

Read about previous monthly meetings here


Tuesday 14th April - Electricity - its origins and its future- by Mike Etherington CANCELLED
TEA ROTA - French A Level2 - Diana Sparks


Tuesday 12th May, Littleton Hall 2.30pm
TEA ROTA - Railway Group - Dale Greenwood

Subject: The evolution and development of the Spitfire CANCELLED

We all know about the iconic Spitfire aeroplane: between 1910 and 1960 the Solent region was the centre of the world for aviation research and development, and the Spitfire was designed and built in Southampton. The Spitfire helped to win the Battle of Britain and save our freedoms which we enjoy to this day.


Our speaker: Steve Alcock from the Solent Sky museum in Southampton knows a lot about this subject and will talk to us about the history of the Spitfire, including how female pilots came to fly it for the first time in very dangerous situations.




At least 3 people are needed. If you think that you will have difficulty serving teas on your date, please swap with another group and advise me. On the day, please arrive at Littleton Hall by 2pm to lay out cups and saucers etc. before the talk starts. The hot water heater doesn’t take long to heat up. Alongside are very clear instructions as to its use. The dishwasher, which completes a cycle in just a few minutes, should be switched on at least 20 minutes before needed.

During the talk, please sit at the rear of the hall close to the door so that you can make a quick exit as soon as the talk has finished.

Thank you all for your co-operation.

Rose & Steve Saunders