Report of General Monthly Meeting by Zoom - Tuesday 13th April 2021

Fool’s Gold become silver screen stars by Carol and Steve Robson


The April talk was a tale of mystery and intrigue. Carol and Steve Robson entertained us with the story of the disappearing lighthouse men from the remote Scottish Isle of Flannan.

By song and verse, sometimes written and set to music themselves, the musical couple told us all about the still unsolved puzzle of the Victorian lighthouse that didn’t shine and the three occupants who were never seen again.

It really didn’t matter that the duo, stage name Fool’s Gold, weren’t with us in person as the zoom streaming mostly worked very well. Indeed, without that technology, we folks down in Hampshire would never have met this charming couple from Durham. They had done their show in similar fashion for fifteen other u3as over the past month, making a living by performing to groups they wouldn’t have been able to access a year or so ago.

A very welcome light-hearted entertainment for a cold April afternoon.

Vernon Tottle