Report of General Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 12th April 2022


  Commercial Artist - by Wendy Bramall


Artistry and Philately


Although Wendy Bramall was born in Britain, she spent her childhood years in Guernsey, exploring the cliffs and beaches as she sketched and painted wildlife and especially birds.
Returning to Britain, Wendy attended the Winchester school of art and then the Harrow school of art to develop her skills.    Working with Guernsey Post for more than 25 years, Wendy has been involved in some 15 different stamp issues, and we saw some first day covers and stamps for Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney with each stamp as a perfect wildlife portrait, water birds in flight being used on many stamps.   We saw some Christmas stamps featuring Angels which used family members as characters.
We learned of Wendy’s involvement in the collectors’ products made in England by Halcyon Days.   Big cats including tigers, cheetahs, leopards were included on boxes and mugs and there was even one of Wendy’s teapots seen in the background of a recent newspaper photo of the Queen.
Wendy’s most recent and current work is within the Hares of Hampshire project.   The hares are huge, too big to go in her house, and Wendy’s hare is sponsored by Paulton’s Park.   There will be lots of giant individually painted hares in public places in Winchester and Southampton for 10 weeks starting on 16th June, raising money for the Murray Parish trust for the benefit of Southampton Children’s hospital.   The Hares of Hampshire project has already raised more than £3 million and that’s before the Hares go on display!
A most interesting talk at the end of which members were able to take a closer look at a range of Wendy’s art items.


Nick Vernon