Report of General Monthly Meeting by Zoom - Tuesday 11th May 2021


Having a beastly time in London - by Freda Bates


Once again the meeting was held online using Zoom. Our Chairman, Freda Bates, talked about “Having a beastly time in London”.

Freda spent many years as a blue badge tour guide in London and her very entertaining talk showed us pictures of things we probably would not have spotted when we have walked about in London.

By looking up and looking around with curiosity, Freda showed us sculptures, statues and carvings whether in stone or wood, from many areas of London. They included many different sorts of creatures from big cats to tiny insects: some of them were iconic such as the boy on a dolphin, near to the River Thames and the Embankment. Freda encouraged us to be like children so we might observe the many hidden treasures all around us. Many of us are looking forward to the freedom to walk around in London once again and will no doubt now spot things we might have missed before the talk.

Nick Vernon