Report of General Monthly Meeting by Zoom - Tuesday 6th June 2021


Coals to Newcastle - by Alan Haines


Once again the meeting was held online using Zoom.


Alan Haines may perhaps have chosen the wrong audience for his talk after our AGM in June. Whilst Alan has possibly never visited central Hampshire, I guess that most members of Winchester u3a who attended his talk have, at some time, had lunch at the Tichborne Arms, attended a service in Tichborne church or just driven or strolled through this delightful village near Alresford. They were therefore most likely well acquainted with the story of the Tichborne claimant and, like me, were slightly disappointed to be regaled once more with the tale.


Nevertheless, Alan bracketed this Hampshire legend with other seemingly unrelated snippets of information about various historical dancers and musicians. He touched on Little Tich, Princess Rajah, Ricky Starr and even Richard Hearne, under a theme of Crazy Dancers. This was followed by a very detailed explanation of the origins of the name of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.


With Alan’s ponderous style of delivery, it wasn’t the most stimulating or well-presented talk of recent months. Indeed, one member told me that the AGM beforehand, with its proposals for loan sharking and a declaration of independence, was much more fun!

Vernon Tottle