Report of General Monthly Meeting

October 11th: Colin Hobbs - Take Off Tales - How we get you Through the Airport


Most of us have battled our way through Airports at home and abroad it tends be be a stressful experience in particular when you see the sign “FLIGHT DELAYED”.

Colin Hobbs gave us a amusing and instructive talk on the how to navigate your way through airports. Colin has had a lifetime of experience both at home and abroad being involved in overseas airports in Dubai and playing a part in the introduction of Stansted Airport working and Heathrow, and as managing director of Southampton Airport.

Putting Heathrow into perspective, 200,000 passengers per day pass through giving an annual passenger number of seventy five million passengers in a year, this I more that the population of the United Kingdom. He explained how one of the major problems for passengers is loss of baggage and the complex procedure from check in to it being loaded onto your flight how this can travel through 16 km of conveyor belts. He went into detail of the safety aspects of Airports, the commercial activities, health issues, import of animals and dealing with arrivals.

Colin gave some tips on how to avoid problems that are worth including he suggests :- in order to make your baggage secure a belt should be put around your baggage he showed how a thief can open your case in seconds, but they will avoid belted baggage. Separately carry a photo copy of your passport, us a stick on label on your baggage not a tag, these can cause problems on the conveyor belt. If two of you are travelling together mix clothing to avoid the obvious problems of two cases being lost and finally at check in make sure that your baggage tag is to the correct destination.

We all appreciated Colin amusing anecdotes that made his talk both amusing and instructive we all thanked Colin for taking time to speak with us.

Robert Johnson