Report of General Monthly Meeting - November 2018

Syria: International Dilemma and Tragedy by Adrian Sindall CMG, previously British ambassador to Syria in 1996-2000

We were privileged to hear Adrian Sindall CMG, previously British ambassador to Syria in 1996-2000, speaking on the subject of Syria: International Dilemma and Tragedy.

Adrian began with the historical background to the present conflict, explaining clearly the different layers of problems that had arisen by 2009. He gave a detailed analysis of the current situation and identified the many different factions involved that make resolution a seemingly impossible task. The use of maps greatly aided his analysis and many of us felt that for the first time we began to understand properly a little of the complexity of the situation that exists today. His was a tour de force in identifying the reasons behind the humanitarian disaster that Syria represents. The exceptionally numerous audience for his talk demonstrated the level of interest that there is in this topic; we can only hope that the fragile cease fire that exists today will be able to continue.


Julia Whitburn