Report of General Monthly Meeting by Zoom - Tuesday 9th November 2021


“Living the African dream” with special focus on Cheetahs in the wild and on conservation efforts - by Alison Mees, a wildlife photographer who has spent a lot of time in Africa


Spotted Cheetahs spotted


I never did join the CCF at school, not coming from a military family. But, fifty years on, maybe I should join Alison Mees’ CCF, (Cheetah Conservation Fund) mentioned in her excellent talk about Africa and, in particular, its cheetahs.

Alison Mees Alison Mees 

The wildlife outside Alison’s childhood home in Southend-on-Sea has little in common with her recent position of Safari Manager at a camp in Kenya. Yes, you get birds and mammals in Essex but very few are a match for the flamingos, bee eaters, eagles, wildebeest, buffalo and elephants of the Serengeti National Park.


On the other hand, you probably don’t need an armed guard alongside you in (most of) Southend whereas all the guests on her safaris have to be accompanied if they leave the camp. After all, this is the natural habitat of hungry lions, leopards and hyena and you might just become their unwary prey.



Alison’s chief interest is the cheetah. Smallest of the big cats, cheetahs are under pressure from loss of habitat and persecution by Masai famers. Her work with the Cheetah Conservation Fund promotes ways for the community to live in harmony with cheetahs as well as research into the lives of these beautiful animals.


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