Potential New Groups

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Are you occasionally asked to 'say a few words' to a group of complete strangers? Does your stomach 'turn over' and your knees 'turn to jelly' at the mere thought?

You are not alone.

"Speaking in public" comes before divorce and death as the one most feared experience one would ever have to endure.

But, it's not at all fearsome.

In fact, once you get the 'knack', you'll wonder why you were so nervous.

This does mean of course, that you'll need quite a few 'tips' and certainly a few hours of practice, which like all skills, well, ...you know the end of that old maxim.

Like any new skill, your first steps might be tentative but that's where Keith Taylor and I will help , as we are both members (over 30 years) of a public speaking club called Rostrum.

Wedding speeches, funeral eulogies, group presentations etc all basically need similar skills.

In a few weeks, the wobbly knees will go and you'll feel confident enough to address any audience of any size.

Our group will meet for the time being as most are, by Zoom, which is ideal for anyone who feels anxious at the thought of standing in front of a 'live audience'.

We are looking at Friday mornings , once a fortnight for starters, around 9.30 am.

But this is not confirmed at this stage.

Do get in touch if you are interested and ditch those needless fears forever.

please e-mail or telephone me Chrissie Landale contact details.



I’m Penny Gill and a new member of Winchester U3A. I would like to start a Current Affairs group, based in Alresford, if there is enough interest. What would we talk about? Well, if it has been in the news, local or national it is fair game for discussion. This would be a relatively serious discussion group but with an emphasis on informality and friendliness. You do not have to be a whiz at current affairs but just someone who keeps abreast of what is going on in the world, has a view on events and is prepared to listen to the views of others.

This would be a monthly meeting and my suggested meeting time would be a Friday, say 1:30 – 3:30, but this is subject to discussion as I am fairly flexible on time. If you are interested, please e-mail me contact details and I will arrange an initial meeting.

Penny Gill