Potential New Groups

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I am forming a new novels group that will focus on ‘classic’ novels from about 1845-1945. This will include some familiar authors and others not so well known. We will probably be looking at Dickens, Eliot and Thackeray, for example, from the Victorian era, and Orwell, Lawrence, Huxley, from later times. These are just a few suggestions to get us started!

We are thinking of meeting on the last Wednesday of each month, probably in the afternoon, but this is to be decided. The planning meeting will be on 22May at 2:00pm in my home in St Cross. Do let me know if you are interested in joining and either ring me (probably on voice mail but I will ring you back) or e-mail me Chrisse Landale contact details




I am proposing to form a Group for Members On Their Own, or MOTO.

The intention is to meet once or twice a month on a Saturday or Sunday for a meal or an outing.

The first meeting will be on Saturday 8th June and the venue will depend upon how many Members will be interested.

I shall arrange a programme for the first few months but once we are established I shall expect Members to take part in arranging the meetings.

Please contact myself, Anna Diamond on contact details if you are interested or have any suggestions.

Anna Diamond



I’ve been persuaded that I have enough energy and enough time to organise another Latin group! The present one has been functioning for several years and I can only admire the persistence of the six participants. I reckon they are now working more or less at A Level standard. The course is a tough challenge and they are meeting it with determination and successfully. Nil desperandum seems to be the order of the day.

If there is enough interest, I’d be happy to run a class for complete beginners. It would meet once a week for ninety minutes. It would consist of a maximum of six – our dining table couldn’t comfortably accommodate more. I’m afraid the three course books – the Oxford Latin course – cost about £30 each, but each would be in use for well over a year, possibly two; and they would not, of course, all have to be bought together at the outset.

If you’re interested, please email me contact details and let me know any time in the week – mornings and afternoons – when you would not be available. I live fairly near the centre of Winchester, close to the car parks at the Leisure Centre and St Peter’s.

Ave atque vale. Alun Parry-Jones



Audrey Atter is keen to start a ‘Russian for beginners’ Group. Anyone interested in discussing this should contact her contact details



I am interested in starting a daytime reading group for topical, non-fiction. Unfortunately I am not able to host the Group at my home as I have limited space.

Christine Allen contact details



I am a new member and recently attended the tea party at Littleton. I met there another three people who would like to learn Spanish and who, like me, have never studied it and would need the basics as a start. Could we find other interested members and someone prepared to lead the sessions. As we are absolute beginners we thought we could use an audio course to provide the basics we would need to start.

Christine Bennett contact details



Anyone interested in setting ups group for Canasta or Whist? Please contact Freda Bates contact details



In far less than one lifetime the world has been transformed by computers. They perform an unimaginable diversity of tasks. How is it possible that a simple mindless machine can be so versatile in what it does? For that, our modern age depends on a wholly-new intellectual discipline - "programming".

There are many "languages" for programming, with Python one of the most popular. There are also dozens of tutorials or courses on the web to teach the fundamentals of Python, ranging from the most elementary to undergraduate levels. (Try Google of Coursera, or Edx, or just YouTube for examples.)

Are there any members who would like to sample some of these courses, and share experiences with me and others? We would not necessarily need to meet as a group on any regular basis, since email could be the basis for most communication. But occasional meet-ups for social reasons might be nice.

If anyone is interested in at least dipping their toes into this fascinating pool of knowledge, please contact David Miles contact details.



I’m wondering if there would be any interest amongst members for a Group that would be a French film club. We would watch, once a month a dvd in French (with subtitles!) and then discuss it in French. My only problem is that my living room only seats 4 (at a pinch) so there would be standing in the aisles!

Please contact, Eileen Cromien contact details.