16 members of the Railway Group went on a 3 day “railway holiday” in June – travelling on the “Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway”; the Severn Valley Railway; and the Bridgnorth Funicular Railway. While in Bridgnorth in Shropshire they had time to visit the absurdly leaning castle and the delightful hill top gardens. Probably the railway highlight was the rare pleasure of being pulled by both a “Merchant Navy” and a “King” on the “GWR” – highly unusual for a heritage railway.

The group continues to grow in size and popularity with a wide ranging programme planned ahead covering all aspects of railways - from heritage to modern - right through to Crossrail.

What is the enduring attraction of railways? Not an obvious answer. It is true that a steam locomotive has been described as the closest mechanical device on earth to a human being or animal. Certainly from the care and attention lavished on them by their drivers during the golden age of steam [late 1930’s] one would think so! Perhaps it is just the everlasting nostalgia and fascination of a journey by train? Come and join us and find out!



Dale Greenwood