After its exploits in the spring at the Didcot Railway Centre, the newly formed Railway Group has enjoyed an exciting summer. Some of our members were exhibiting and others attended the Basingstoke Model Railway exhibition.

The highlight, however, was undoubtedly the recent visit organised by one of our members [with the right connections!] to the Southampton Freightliner Terminal. Not only was the party able to observe various aspects of daily work in the Terminal, but they were allowed access to the cabs of a whole range of different engines plus an actual cab ride on one of the large diesel locomotives performing shunting operations in the yard!

As an added bonus they had a lineside view of “The Dorset Coast Express”- steam hauled by a Stanier “Black Five”!

By the time this newsletter appears another fascinating visit will have taken place as we will have been to Romsey Signal Box to learn some of the mysteries of railway signalling and to practice our skills at pulling levers, ringing bells and observing diagrams.

Finally I can report that “Control” – having observed the Group’s good progress – and the fact we are catching up the preceding train – has switched us from the “Up Relief” to the “Up Fast” track!

Dale Greenwood