QUESTER 6 - Visit to 17th Century village - July 2019

woodhamOn a very wet day at the end of July, 15 members of Quester 6 and two dogs braved the weather to visit the 17th century village of Little Woodham it is nestled within ancient woods in the Alder Valley Gosport. This small hamlet of timber framed wattle and daub houses is forever set in the year 1642.

We first visited the Ale House where the landlady explained that hot food such as potage, (a soup style stew) with small ale or strong would have been served. A basket of vegetables of the day included white carrots, (red carrots came in later).

Other villagers we met included the Pedlar selling soaps, herbs, lucky stones and eating spikes, these were used as forks and made in the village forge. The Pedlar travelled from village to village, he told us that from Little Woodham he would have travelled along the Drovers Track to Crofton and then on to Titchfield.

The visiting Scribe we met sitting at his desk surrounded by feather quills, ink, vellum parchment and sealing wax made out of beeswax.

The Blacksmiths Forge is a working forge, (lessons can be booked).

Other villagers you may meet include a Lace maker, Wheelwright, Sawyer, and Barber Surgeon.

The Villagers are all dressed in costume of the day and are very knowledgeable of this period.

Little Woodham is a little gem, it is run as a charitable organisation by volunteers and in spite of modern housing encroaching on its boundaries is being preserved as a historical back in time experience.

A ten year lease has recently been bought from Gosport Borough Council at a Peppercorn Rent of 10 peppercorns! (It’s true!!).


Brenda Peake