Quester 8 visited Little Woodham, a 17 Century village, where the year is (always) 1642. Founded by the Gosport Living History Society over 30 years ago, Little Woodham provides a historical re-enactment of 17C rural English life set in the Alver Valley, near Gosport - it is well worth a visit.

It is an unexpected gem and comprises a small hamlet of timber framed wattle and daubed houses, providing a chance to step back in history. The village is forever set in the year 1642 and the hamlet is populated with villagers going about their daily lives; visitors are able to immerse themselves in the gentle hustle and bustle of this friendly community. No two days would be the same, as not all volunteers might be available every day, the villagers a visitor might meet include: the ale house keeper; wheel wright; sawyer; blacksmith; lace maker; weaver; wise woman and house wife. Several itinerant traders might also appear in the village from time to time, including the scribe, the barber surgeon, trickster and bodger; while the term bodger means 'a less than skilful' worker today, back in 1642 it was the craftsman who made spindles for chair legs and wheel spokes. The year 1642 is also a time of unrest, and there is talk of rebellion against King Charles. As the village is run by these dedicated volunteers, opening times are limited, so do check their website to see when it might be possible to visit. ( The 1642 Living History Village ).

Q8 group at Little Woodham


Chris Henry